Mock Entities

The EntityMock adds several methods that can be used be on all entities created by MockBukkit.

This will check that the entity is within a certain distance from the location.

entity.assertLocation(location, distance);

You can also assert that a player was teleported by a plugin.

entity.assertTeleported(location, distance);

If you want to reset the teleported flag you can use


This will useful if you know that a method teleports your entity and you want to check if afterwards a different method doesn’t teleport it.

To check if the entity was teleported without throwing AssertionExceptions use:

if (entity.hasTeleported())
    // Player was teleported

In normal bukkit the only way to move an entity is by teleporting it, but this causes a teleported event. Therefore MockBukkit adds a setter for the location:


In MockBukkit an entity can also be renamed if needed:


An EntityMock also implements the [MessageTarget]( interface so one can test received messages.