Adding a player

MockBukkit has several methods to add player to the test server.

This method creates a random new player and lets it join the server.

PlayerMock player = server.addPlayer();

If you want to customise the object before adding it (such as setting a user name), this can be used:

PlayerMock player = server.addPlayer(player)

One can also add a UUID after the username if needed.

And lastly, if you want to add a whole bunch of players quickily, consider using:


This will add 20 players to the server. After this command you can use `server.getPlayer(index)` to reference each player in an easy way.

# PlayerMock methods The PlayerMock class adds several methods that makes unit testing player related methods nicer. In all examples we will assume that your unit test starts with:

PlayerMock player = server.addPlayer();

It’s possible to assert that a player is in a specific gamemode. If the player is not in that gamemode, an AssertionException is thrown.


PlayerMock extends [EntityMock]( since it’s possible to use those added methods too.